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We believe every patient deserves safe, high quality care. Our contribution to help healthcare providers meet this imperative is innovative applications for the last mile of the road—where the critical links between analytics and clinical action and interaction reside. We see a world where informed clinical decisions, missing care identification assistance, and expanded share team (patient, family, and friends) interaction lead to better outcomes.


iWT health was started 6 years ago by individuals from various hospital and HIT backgrounds. With dozens of cumulative years of experience in performance improvement consulting, data integration, IT implementation, hospital turnaround and health system strategy, this group of passionate individuals committed themselves to build important software that healthcare workers love to use. We continue to evolve with that core motivation


iWT health has grown by building innovative software, deploying useful products, harnessing great partnerships and leveraging our customers’ word of mouth marketing. Some of our clients are within the largest and most important health systems in America and Canada serving large urban populations. And some of our clients are independent regional health systems taking care of people in small towns all over America. We are proud of them all. The footprint of iWT health will continue to grow through our traditional means as well new commitment and dedicated resources for presenting and selling ourselves to more health systems we want to serve.



Linda is an experienced leader with more than 25 years of experience within hospital administration, process improvement, and information technology. She is responsible for all operations and client management. Prior to iWT Health, Linda held senior positions at iWT Solutions and New Age Systems. She began her career on the provider side of healthcare where she held senior positions for award winning hospitals in the Chicago area.

Linda has a BS in Health Information Management from Illinois State and a MBA from Loyola. She hails from Chicago where she still resides with her husband and children. When Linda's not leading the charge at iWT, she enjoys spending time with her family (including her beloved Australian Shepard), reading, and spending time outdoors, particularly biking, skating, walking, and gardening.

Linda Frank


Bernie has spent more than 30 years building creative technology solutions to simplify the process of healthcare and founded iWT Health (formerly iWT Solutions) to continue that quest. Prior to iWT Solutions, Bernie was the founder of New Age Systems, a systems provider for healthcare IT. Earlier in his career, Bernie was a senior field engineer and responsible for the design and implementation of network infrastructure within clinical environments.

Bernie has a rich depth of experience across almost every facet of healthcare technology and has touched the lives of millions of patients with his innovative solutions. When he's not busy creating a new product for the healthcare market, Bernie enjoys spending time with his wife and family, flying his planes (he currently has four of them), being out on the water, or rebuilding yet another classic car.

Bernie Hogan


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